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Full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The ability for your business to make fast but informed decisions is key to ensure you are successfully growing revenues. It also needs to make best use of the resources it has available so that profits also increase. ERP applications have typically been suited for larger businesses but now FuseMetrix is able to give the benefits of these systems to companies of all sizes. Being hosted on our secure web servers and accessed via an encrypted internet connection means that you do not have to make large up front financial investment, giving you an early return on investment...

Built to deliver great results in your business

The FuseMetrix ERP system was built from the start with a simple goal - to enable companies of all sizes to operate an efficient, profitable joined-up business. To reach this goal it had to be fully functional, easy to use and be suitably priced. We achieved this by listening to what companies needed and how they wanted to use it. FuseMetrix ERP is our flagship product, making full use of the all the built in features of our platform. With FuseMetrix ERP all functions of your business functions use a common platform and have access to the information they need. FuseMetrix ERP is built around your business using the core functionality shown in the diagram below.

FuseMetrix core, built for your business

FuseMetrix is highly customisable and can be adapted to work the way you want your business to work. FuseMetrix is essentially a security and permission management framework. Once a user is logged into the system, depending on their individual or group permissions, their view of the system is set. It is even possible to permit a user to see just one individual item and nothing else if you really wanted to!

Over the past few years, we have developed a number of standalone infrastructure modules that sit in this framework and have devised development techniques that allow us to rapidly develop bespoke functionality using a combination of code 'building blocks' and bespoke coding to create exactly what is required by our clients. FuseMetrix has a great deal of functionality "out of the box" for all sorts of industries however when we install it into your business we will ensure it only has the functionality that is relevant to the way you want to work.

Reduce cost and enhance security

FuseMetrix is a fast ,web based application hosted within our resilient, backed up secure data centres. This removes the need for you to purchase and maintain expensive servers and back up devices. You access the system via an encrypted web connection, allowing you to have considerable working flexibility for field or home based employees or outsourced workers. No software is installed on your local machines and data is not held locally so in the event of theft or loss of a PC data remains protected and available for use. We have maintained an uptime of 99.99% for many years and offer a financially backed guarantee of our service levels to our hosted clients. More information is available about our core infrastructure upon request.

Advantages of FuseMetrix ERP

This list isn’t exhaustive; it’s just a sample. So far, FuseMetrix has been largely device-independent – to date, it’s worked with everything the development team have tried to integrate it with.
Financial management
This advanced financial system is all-embracing. For example, it includes asset management, multi-currency, multi-tax and multi-cost centre tools. Alternatively, FuseMetrix can interface with your own financial software.
Customer relationship management (CRM)
The FuseMetrix CRM system matches the features you’ll find in other leading CRM systems and is included in your monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) package, so you won’t incur any extra costs.
Human resources (HR)
This extensive module was developed from a director’s point of view, by people who have many years’ experience in managing employees. It contains all the functionality required by staff with HR responsibilities. However, we respond to customer requests for new types of functionality if your organisation has unusual requirements. This module works alongside FuseMetrix’s workflow and timesheet tools to help maximise productivity and health and safety.
Purchase order processing
This is an extensive module containing everything you need to efficiently and transparently invoke spending authority or limit it, and provide proof of order placement. It also provides supplier management functionality, including quality control, delivery bay allocation, bar scanning and much more. This is used alongside FuseMetrix’s finance, supply chain, warehouse, and stock and consumables management modules.
Management reporting
FuseMetrix can produce scheduled, automatically generated, accurate reports on any part of your business, as well as providing ad hoc real-time reports to help optimise management decision-making. This module was developed and refined by members of the team who have first-hand experience in managing businesses, so its functionality is extremely practica.
Contract management
This module acts as directors’ eyes and ears across their department or business. It monitors and records service performance against contracts, timesheets, correspondence, invoicing, and invoicing control measures.
Task scheduling
This is a powerful real-time online module to enable you to efficiently delegate, manage and monitor your team’s workflow.
Customer feedback management
This module is extensive, with highly varied capabilities that capture every plausible form of feedback from the outside world, and help you manage responses. The thought behind this module goes far beyond what you’d expect from a comparative customer service management suite.
Email marketing
This is available to all FuseMetrix users, and your overall return on investment (ROI) will be optimised by combining the email marketing facility with the CRM, website management and business analysis modules. It contains all the functionality you’d expect to find in other leading email marketing packages but, because it’s part of FuseMetrix, it also helps you to improve the targeting and associated messaging of your campaigns.
Website content management
We provide you with a fully functioning website with a content management system (CMS) within FuseMetrix. This enables you to alter your website content without technical assistance. FuseMetrix also saves previous versions and drafts of your web pages, so if something goes wrong with the information you have published, you could instantly revert to a previous version.
Centralised diary management
In addition to providing as much or as little access to every diary within your organisation as you like, the diary management system pulls information in from other areas of FuseMetrix. For example, it enables you to compare diaries with contracts, purchase orders, invoices, correspondence, annual leave requests and authorisations. Confidential information and private events can be hidden and protected as required.
Intelligent email management
This module prevents anyone in your organisation from losing messages. It automates the filing of incoming and outgoing messages within contact records, and links attachments with contact records and a system-wide document library to avoid confusion. It also warns users if an attachment is mentioned in a message but not attached to their email message. FuseMetrix also addresses many other common inefficiencies. For example, it enables company-wide signatures to be updated within one click, it allows multiple mailbox management from one account, and it protects confidential information within a private email system.
Automatic notifications
Although this is a simple feature, it has a profound effect on productivity. FuseMetrix can be set to generate notifications on a host of changes, which can be located anywhere within the system: for example, new contracts, status updates, new customer feedback, annual leave request submissions, and changes made to company or contact records.
Till system
FuseMetrix’s till and cash register module is widely used with our B2C customers. This feature is especially powerful when it is combined with the international financial elements of our system (multi-currency, multilingual and the ability to apply local taxes). Unlike traditional till systems, FuseMetrix doesn’t rely on specialist point-of-sale hardware, giving you much greater flexibility on how you serve your customers. For example, it means your customers could be served and charged at any location on your site, rather than at a cash desk.
Integrated supply chain management
Most of our customers use FuseMetrix to optimise supply chain efficiency. It covers product development through to manufacturing, sales and logistics. The system can be as open or as closed as you wish – many clients automate processes by specifying a screen to give suppliers access to certain parts of the system.
Stock and consumables management
This is another far-reaching module, and includes item tracking, forecasting, labour management, and barcode generation and scanning tools.
Warehouse management
This module includes a full suite of barcode tools alongside similar functionality offered by mainstream market leaders. FuseMetrix’s warehouse management can be scaled to manage an unlimited number of sites of any size and dimensions, anywhere in the world.
Booking system
FuseMetrix’s booking system is ideal for organisations that need to sell tickets or have limited capacity. As with the aforementioned till, it gives your management team the flexibility to be creative about how to optimise sales and customer service.
Barcoded wrist bands
FuseMetrix enables you to track individuals around your site(s) and beyond. In rugged or B2C leisure environments this provides powerful health and safety benefits.
Maintenance management
FuseMetrix automates maintenance scheduling alerts and bookings. Customers have found this particularly useful when combined with its online library, which is often used to store technical manuals, helping to ensure that maintenance procedures are properly followed.
Fleet management
FuseMetrix’s fleet management module comes with the system, so there’s no need to buy extra specialist software. It has functionality to work with mainstream businesses. However, if you have a specialist fleet, please speak to us to ensure our developers meet 100% of your requirements.
Infrastructure and security
Authorised personnel can export and view tracked changes from within the system. For example, this could flag changes to your company and contact records, sales, invoices and purchase orders, and the corresponding invoices, contracts, customer feedback, staff records, stock and your asset register.